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Submitted on: Nov 04, 2017 at 10:27 PM
To which Gunz Of Anarchy affiliate are you appling to? (pick one)


GNZ & GNZx2 Bylaws: Amendments: 1*) GNZ communicates in English: all GNZ personnel must Read, Write, Speak and Understand English. (amendment enacted Nov. 2015). 2*)You must be 18 years of age or older to apply to Gunz Of Anarchy (GNZ / GNZx2). (amendment enacted March 2016). 3*)You agree to keep confidential the practices, procedures and comments of GNZ its affiliates and members as per the game "World of Tanks". (amendment enacted March 2016). 1> Respect yourself and others at all times. (GNZ /GNZx2 Officers reserve the right to define respect on a case by case occurance.) 2>To do List. A) Install Discord (See information on Web Page) B) Register on the Gunz Of Anarchy / Gunz Of Anarchy x2, World of Tanks clan page. C) Complete Gunz Of Anarchy application on the clan web page. ( this is for both clans, GNZ and GNZx2 D) Introduce yourself to one of the GNZ1 or GNZ2 officers (Names are prefixed with JO, RO, CbO, TO, IO, XO, HQ in Discord). E) Once you are accepted you will be accountable for: a) All members: log on to "discord" Comms when playing (please place yourself in AFK if you are away) b) Check the webpage ( atleast once per week (failure to check the webpage for 28 days consecitivly will be grounds for dismissal from clan). 3> All conflicts should be forwarded to an Officer to be resolved. 4> Platoon with others as often as possible. Please answer requests to platoon even if you cannot platoon at that time so members know they are not being ignored. 5> Promotions - in order to be promoted you will need to complete a rank (Recruit / Member / Senior Member) sign-off sheet. 6> Keep chatter to a minimum in any team battles. Let everyone concentrate. 7> When in team battles or training, the Officer or Junior Officer is in charge and will select Caller regardless of other participants ranks. Their direction should be absolutely followed. Tournaments - A) GNZ sanctioned need the following criteria met. a) Roster must be full, all primary and reserve slots filled. b) All members of the tournament must ensure that they will be able to attend matches and playoff times as laid out in tournament rules. c) Team captain is willing and able to file reports on behalf of team. d) Team must meet the a,b,c, of tournament 2 days prior to registration close. B) non GNZ event. (if not sanctioned) a) GNZ members are asked to please inform HQ of their intent. b) All GNZ members of the tournament must ensure that they will be able to attend matches and playoff times as laid out in tournament rules. c) Since members carry the GNZ tag they are ask to deport themselves in a sincere and kindly manner d) No mention of GNZ or Gunz of Anarchy in team name. - Skirmishes - GNZ activated. Any member may setup a skirmish (strongholds). If requested the Skirmish lead will make room for at least one officer in match. (note to officers: If you compel space in an operational skirmish your are there as an adviser for debrief and should allow the team progress as prior to your arrival. Limitations of stronghold matches: a) A member of GNZ / GNZx2 must be lead. b) No more than 2 out of clan members be invited into a Stronghold (preferably possible recruits) - officer must approve and monitor match (monitor = ears on discord or in match) c) NO other clans unless expressly sanctioned by HQ 8> Have fun and enjoy, its a game. Violation of Amendments and or Bylaws may be cause for dismissal from the Clan (GNZ / GNZx2) u-27/Oct/2016


In which time zone do you play? Clan Time Is Eastern Standard Time (EST)


When do you play WoT?

More then 10hrs/wk

What Tier Tanks do you currently have?


Are you willing to Platoon and participate in Clan events?


Have you been a member of a clan (WoT or Other)?

WoT, Other

Were you ever a clan officer (WoT or Other)?


Do you have Voice (mic) and Audio (speakers or headset) Hardware attached to computer.? (please note: Members with functioning Comms (sound and voice) will be afforded team slots in clan events ahead of thoughs without.

Can you Hear (Speakers/Headset)

Do you have "Discord comms" Voice communication software installed?


Would you be willing to platoon with Company Officer? (see company notice for details)


How did you hear about GNZ


Have you registered on the Wot GNZ, GNZx2 or GNZx3 Clan page.


Please note: the Working language of GNZ is English.(Read, Write, Speak)
The Year you were Born. (YYYY)


May your employer require your presents on short notice? ((military service, law enforcement. etc.) Most accounts are reviewed every 30 days, but persons with demanding occupations may be given special depensation.)


Is this a Secound account - please, list the name of your 1st account and the clan it is attached to. (e.g. Alberttite (GNZx2)))

yes rocdad

Is there a GNZ or affiliate member willing to vouch for you? (enter GNZ or affiliate game name).




Quit - 02 dec. 2017
Demoted - Nov. 2017 (CBO to recruit)
Multiple breaches of bylaws, bullying, conduct unbecoming of an officer.
Sparker714 / PattenMc, Crazy_Player091/092, turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66
turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 2 days ago
Hello. Im afraid we have problem that must be taken care of immediately. I apologize for allowing it to get this far.
A few weeks ago we had a problem between you Roc, and a new member. By all accounts you were both in the wrong, remember we have a zero tolerance for open fighting. The officers present decided that the following trainig should cover proper behavior in a team enviorment. If you remember Roc, you got so out of hand we had to close the room. That brings us here now.
That night the xos voted to either demote you or remove you from the roster altogether. It was a split vote to remove you from the roster, however it was unanimous to demote you to private.
I would like for you, Rocdad, to consider in our decision to keep you that we must respect and like you, however, no member will be tolerated putting themseves before the clan, its rules and its members.
The other member involved was met with. Any questions or concearns should be addresed in an appropriate discord meeting room. I will NOT discuss any particular elements of the incident (s) I was not witness to. Now lets move along. Thank you

turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 2 hours ago
This was sent to Shorty:

Not one of you will man up and tell me why! Twice demoted in two weeks when I ask why I'm called a fucker by Turbo and told to check a website that tells me nothing... I had been doing drops with him prior not one word as to what was coming and that I had been set up... when I ask why he just calls me a fucker... Now I know why Scorp stopped me from mentioning my accomplishments such as earning more boxes than anyone and leading the most skirmishes with the clan because Scorpion knew what was coming for me... Nobody of less rank knows why I was tossed why not at least tell them some lie your unwilling to tell me! You real chickenshits and I have lost ALL respect for you as men... that was from rocdad on our facebook gnz..

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