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GNZ pulls up to the 300 mark with a Rating of 306GNZX2 pulls in @ the 500 barrier Keep pushing Guy's535, -[GNZX2] Gunz of Anarchy 2 964,8042,9876.2116981,000688
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Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV1280Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 284d
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Away until 7/2

I will be away until 7/2. I may be on playing but I won't have a mic or access to discord. I'll be on a work laptop.
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xxbigbacon2368Small Shriner207 / TheSkorpionKing / IronSniper207 308d
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PSA: windows 10 user, GameDVR

If you have windows 10 and got the aniversary update and notice game performance problems, especially with Nvidia cards, turn this off. I was wondering why i was having problems in games over the last day or so...well this was why. No reason why g...
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Greetings please introduce yourself to GNZ

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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New accounts for Grimmy

I have opened 2 new accountsMy GNZ X 1 account is Grimmy_ReaperMy GNZ X 3 account is GrimmytimmyTurbo and Kahadu could someone accept my new accounts on WOT website please!thanks GrimmyI want to start recruiting in both accounts....Let the huntin...
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Grimmybear51216Small Grimmybear5 333d
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New accounts

I have started 2 new accounts for GNZX1 and GNZX3 I filled out a wot app last nightGnz X1 account is Grimmy_Reaper Gnz X3 account is GrimmytimmyTurbo and Kahadu please accept my apps thanksGrimmy
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Grimmy0111Member avatar small Grimmy 333d
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Ideal Equipment Loadouts for Strongholds T6 & T8. With Variations for playstyles

Work In Progress. Estimated Completion May 31st or sooner.
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World of Tanks takes down youtuber's negative video
Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 341d
JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc1227Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 341d
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Facebook page

Just a thought... Facebook is much easier to navigate. Have we ever thought about starting a page.
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Tier 6 Strongholds

Ok so i just read the tier 6 stronghold info in the training section and from what I have seen we have done the opposite. Granted sometimes it works,but according to the info you should run fast hard and together. We always seem to have couple hea...
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___HOSS3480Small Danbo46 347d
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World of Tanks Model Kits from Italeri - Bonus In-Game Tanks Included!

This is not new but a good way to get a tank that is not available in the premium shop. a model, get an in-game tank, some premium time and some gold. I just purchased the Ferdinand a...
Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 352d
JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc2488Small Rocdad 348d
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World of Warships (personal observations)

Hello guildies/clanners: I noticed Shriner and a few others playing World of Warships the other day and decided to revisit the game. I had tried it before and did not like it. However, after playing it for a couple of days now I have made ...
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GNZ's 2nd Birthday Tanker Award's

Wrap up of weekend events:JOHANN, Wins the Scavenger Hunt for perfect responses Great job!!Ainokea_MW , had great effort but DIDN'T POST LAST ITEMS, get's the door Prize~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Johann Win's Rally on Lakevil...
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Scavenger Hunt: during Birthday week

Scav·eng·er hunt noun: scavenger hunt; plural noun: scavenger hunts a game, typically played in an extensive outdoor area, in which participants have to collect a number of miscellaneous objects.This Clan website Event will go from now till Mond...
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Game is called "True, false"

I'm bringing the True or False thread to GNZ!The rules: Answer the true/false question from the last post and leave another true/false question for the next person.No spamming, profanity, or obscene questions.Just to let everyone know, describe th...
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World of Tanks List of Banned Mods

This is from World of Tanks website:Which Modifications Will Be Penalized?We know there are many mods out there, and we've integrated features from some of the best. However, some mods or apps work against the community’s best interests. To be cle...
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JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc3603Small Lanternboy / Lanternboy2 1y
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Tier 6 Strongholds

Here is a re-link of a post Lanternboy made a while back. Good reading for callers and anyone doing Tier 6 Strongholds.
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JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc2558Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 1y
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forum game "Fortunately, Unfortunately "

This game is called Fortunately, Unfortunately. I will reset the game if its popular every month, If it's not it's gone!The game starts when a neutral sentence is posted. The next person says a negative sentence that starts with, unfortunately, th...
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Improved Ventilation

After a discussion last night about the effects of Improved Ventilation, I decided to find out exactly what they effect. Removing Improved Vents from my RU-152 had these effects:View Range went from 459 to 449Concealment went from 23.7 to 23.5Trav...
Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 1y
JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc2289Small Rocdad 1y
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Stronghold nights and GNZ1/GNZ2 filling slots

It's irrelevant to the average tanker which clan starts a detachment. You just want to get in the group and get in battle and win. As quickly as possible, with as little fuss as possible, and with no downtime between matches trying to find replace...
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Ecth785897Small Lanternboy / Lanternboy2 1y