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How to post a replay to YouTube or save on your computer.

Needed for this:
Fraps or any recording software (free but paid version gives you more)

VLC video player (free)

Youtube account (free)

WoT Replays are not videos and need the game client to play.
To record them for playback without the game client, you need to copy the replay with Fraps (or any recording software). Fraps records whatever is on your monitor. When done, you will have a huge file that needs to be converted down to make it smaller. VLC player has a converter that works great. When done converting, you will have a smaller MP4 video file that can be uploaded to YouTube.

To start, play the replay and Fraps it (record the video to your hard drive)

1. Open Fraps, start the replay and hit F9 to start the Fraps recording and f9 to stop recording. it saves it automatically.

2. When done recording the replay, you will have a huge video file (make sure you have enough hard drive space, could be 20g or more). Play the video and make sure it is what you want. You can delete the new huge video file if you want to rerecord it. If all is good, continue to #3.

3. Open VLC player, click Media, click Convert/Save. Find and add the new video file and click Convert below. Enter destination location and new file name. Click convert. This will take a few mins. When done, you will have a new smaller video file but the old huge video will still be on your hard drive, delete it (the huge one).

4. To post on youtube Go to your personal page and hit upload button near the top right. Find and upload the new smaller video file. While it's uploading, check through the youtube settings of the upload to add comments, make it private or public and to give it keywords. It will take a few mins to post.

This will make more sense once you've done one.

Microsoft Movie Maker is a free program that allows you to edit videos, combine multiple videos and to add music.

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