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GNZ (All Division): BYLAWS

1) When in game / Discord or social media:
a) All forms of GNZ communication will be conducted in English.
b) All Members or Higher Ranks will log on to “Gunz of Anarchy” Channel - Discord when playing WoT.
c) Members or Higher Ranks will have working microphone for communication in Discord
d) Please make yourself available if contacted by an Officer of GNZ while in game / Discord.

2) Demonstrate mature behavior with respect of others and yourself when representing GNZ.
GNZ requests that Political, Religious and Sexually explicit topics be avoided in game / open chat.
(GNZ Officers reserve the right to examine all aspects of each issue. Their findings will determine the action and outcome.)

3) Keep confidential the practices, procedures and comments of GNZ, its affiliates and members as per the game "World of Tanks".

4) Check the web page “” at least once per week. Failure to check the web page for 28 days consecutively will be grounds for dismissal from clan.

5) Any conflict(s) should be forwarded to an Officer to be resolved.

6) Promotions
a) Member, Sr. Member, NCO advancements are knowledge and equipment based - see forum for requirements. All details are to be verified by an Officer and certified by Personnel Officer (P.O.)
b) For Officer Position appointments you may apply with your skills and goals to Personnel Officer. When Officer positions become open applications will be reviewed and candidates selected.

7) Allow members to focus in game by keeping chatter to a minimum in any team battles. Follow the caller’s directions as best as you can (we win and lose as a team).

8) As a Recruit in GNZ clans you must have or soon reach several mile stones.
- Fill out and application. Link located at end of Welcome or to the right under Recruitment.
- Install Discord, setup account and activate. Link located on Welcome page
- Have a Tier 6 tank suitable for Tier 6 Strongholds. (Artillery does not apply)
- Played one thousand plus games of WoT
- Attend a GNZ Clan meeting (1st Saturday of the Month, see Event Calendar) If you can not attend please send regrets and a brief note.
- Check the Website at lease once per week. (Information and Announcements)
- Be active in Discord, Platoons, Strongholds and other clan events.
- Compliance of GNZ bylaws
- 31 day recruit review. If you have shown interests, a willingness to participate and compliance to the Above you with be promoted to Member.
-when you have completed the above: Contact the Personnel Officer and request Member Status.

9) GNZ needs the following criteria met in sanctioned tournaments.
a) Roster must be full with all primary and reserve slots filled.
b) All members of the tournament must ensure that they will be available to attend matches and playoff times as laid out in tournament schedules.
c) Team captain is responsible to file reports on behalf of team.
d) Team must meet the above (a,b,c) for a tournament 2 days prior to registration close.

10. Non GNZ event if not sanctioned
a) Since member(s) carry the GNZ tag demonstrate mature behavior with respect for others and yourself as per Bylaws.
b) Do not include GNZ or Gunz of Anarchy in your team name.

11. Skirmishes - GNZ activated. Any member may setup a skirmish i.e. strongholds. If requested the Skirmish lead will make room for at least one officer in match. (note to officers: If you compel space in an operational skirmish you are there as an adviser / monitor for debrief. Allow the team progress as prior to your arrival.

12. Limitations of stronghold matches:
a) A member of GNZ clan must be lead.
b) No more than 2 non GNZ clan members should be invited into a Stronghold (preferably potential recruits) - officer must approve and monitor match (monitor = ears on discord or in match)
c) NO other clans can be invited unless expressly sanctioned by HQ

Violation of Bylaws may be grounds for dismissal from the Gunz of Anarchy gaming community.

GNZ Commander and Chief (owner) reserves the right to change, amend or modify the Bylaws without prior notice for the benefit of the clan.


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