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[Pinned] Away from World of Tanks

Game Name: LanternboyAway from GNZ - Starting: JuneReturning to GNZ - Approximately: OctPlease select reason for Leave.Life: I will be on randomly over the summer but a have several major projects to complete before Oct. Universe:God:
Small Lanternboy / Lanternboy2 1y
Lanternboy / Lanternboy2373813Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 5d
[Pinned] Party platoons
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[Pinned] Party platoons

Platoon, anytime you want when you win your battle and all 3 survive(must have 3 people in the Platoon @ all times), then take a pic of the ending battle screen and post it to our contest, On the website's forum.This has to be 15v15 random battle...
Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 133d
Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV1187Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 133d
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[Pinned] Guide to Crew Training

Hi guys,I found a pretty good guide on crew training by class. it was here of all, I want to point out the importance of having a good crew in this game. You wi...
Small Kahduu 1y
Kahduu51619Small Delta6580 183d
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[Pinned] Premium Tanks With Special Match Making

Hi guys, With the latest MM craziness of getting put at the bottom all the time i have added a chart below of tanks that get preferential match making. During those time where you just can't get a break it's helpful to play with a tank that the ca...
Small Kahduu 1y
Kahduu2485Small Shriner207 / TheSkorpionKing / IronSniper207 1y
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[Pinned] Whats your stat padder tank?

What tank do you use to bring up your stats, just love playing or play so well you carry games?Mine is the ramII :)
Member avatar small Prime__ 1y
Prime__243390Member avatar small gunnehwy 1y
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[Pinned] Great Map Training Video from Junkers

Hey guys so today at work i am watching map tactics by junkers.. You really should watch this.. He tells you exactly where to go and where not to go.. Really great stuff. If you watch skip to 6:36.. It's like a 2 hour video form there.. The begi...
Small Kahduu 1y
Kahduu2282Small Shriner207 / TheSkorpionKing / IronSniper207 1y
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[Pinned] Some great team play training videos

Hey guys i found some great team play / stronghold videos for us to check out. there are tons of great training v...
Small Kahduu 1y
Kahduu5805Small turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 1y
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Dunno when I will be back.

My wife reset the computer to a date last year, I have no passwords written down for WOT nor Discord; soz, I dunno when I will be back. Hate that I wasted money on a years premium account that I can't access now. FUCKING DAWG SHIT !!!!!
Small Delta6580 8d
Delta6580248Small turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 8d
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Poker Run and Clan Games

Thank you to all who stayed for our GNZ’s “Platoon Poker Run” after our monthly meeting on Saturday. Thanks to everyone for your attentiveness during the Event, that made it possible to get a lot of Battles in and have loads of Fun. Thanks Johan...
Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 40d
Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV2100Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 40d
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Benefits to the Clan from Strongholds, Clan Wars and Tournaments

Strongholds- Gives the clan bonuses to drop (like personal reserves but for the whole clan). - Are run in tier 6 (with 7 people), tier 8 (with 10 people) and tier 10 (with 15 people).- Allow the clan to play together more often and will less pr...
Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 105d
JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc8414Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 70d
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Monthly Clan Meeting - Saturday, Sept 2 at 9pm est

Just a reminder, our monthly clan meeting is tonight at 9pm est.Attendance is requested by all members of GNZ, GNZX2 and GNZX3.There will be giveaways, prizes and contests as well as a chance for all members to discuss issues or ideas they have fo...
Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 77d
JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc173Small JohannGambolputty / Sparker714 / PattenMc 77d
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9.20 is here!

Let the bitchin' begin!
Small General_Sparticus 80d
General_Sparticus2102Small turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 80d
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PZB2 ?? Hidden Giant !

Guildies, I know you are all bust grinding or like me staring at the screen sometimes, but I can not in good faith to the guild at least tell you about the offer of the PZB2 is on sale again for a couple of days. I will not tell you to buy it, b...
Small Schroderr/ Heimdall 109d
Schroderr/ Heimdall2151Small turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 108d
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GNZ pulls up to the 300 mark with a Rating of 306GNZX2 pulls in @ the 500 barrier Keep pushing Guy's535, -[GNZX2] Gunz of Anarchy 2 964,8042,9876.2116981,000688
Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 126d
Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV1148Small Condoar / WanzerPanzer-lV 126d
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Away until 7/2

I will be away until 7/2. I may be on playing but I won't have a mic or access to discord. I'll be on a work laptop.
Member avatar small xxbigbacon 149d
xxbigbacon2194Small Shriner207 / TheSkorpionKing / IronSniper207 149d
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PSA: windows 10 user, GameDVR

If you have windows 10 and got the aniversary update and notice game performance problems, especially with Nvidia cards, turn this off. I was wondering why i was having problems in games over the last day or so...well this was why. No reason why g...
Member avatar small xxbigbacon 1y
xxbigbacon3440Member avatar small Nishant Bansal 160d
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Greetings please introduce yourself to GNZ

Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
Small Lanternboy / Lanternboy2 2y
Lanternboy / Lanternboy2303529Small ___HOSS 169d
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New accounts for Grimmy

I have opened 2 new accountsMy GNZ X 1 account is Grimmy_ReaperMy GNZ X 3 account is GrimmytimmyTurbo and Kahadu could someone accept my new accounts on WOT website please!thanks GrimmyI want to start recruiting in both accounts....Let the huntin...
Small Grimmybear5 174d
Grimmybear51125Small Grimmybear5 174d
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New accounts

I have started 2 new accounts for GNZX1 and GNZX3 I filled out a wot app last nightGnz X1 account is Grimmy_Reaper Gnz X3 account is GrimmytimmyTurbo and Kahadu please accept my apps thanksGrimmy
Member avatar small Grimmy 174d
Grimmy058Member avatar small Grimmy 174d
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Ideal Equipment Loadouts for Strongholds T6 & T8. With Variations for playstyles

Work In Progress. Estimated Completion May 31st or sooner.
Small Ainokea_MW/Rajah_Dat_Brah 179d
Ainokea_MW/Rajah_Dat_Brah3230Small turbo/ iwinhaha/ TURBOTHETIGER66 179d