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Lanternboy / Lanternboy2 / Apr 22, 2015
Welcome to the Gunz of Anarchy

If you are looking for the GNZx3 (The Young Gunz) Bylaws Click Here

Gunz of Anarchy (GNZ & GNZx2) is an active clan in both tier six and eight stronghold skirmishes. We hold weekly team training sessions and participate in Clan Wars and tournaments. Our membership requirements are modest and open to anyone willing to learn and have fun. All GNZ & GNZx2 members are encouraged to share their ideas.

We were founded on the following principles:
• Aim to build a great clan together
• Offer an unique environment; open to new and experienced players
• Provide mature tankers an active and fun environment to work together.

GNZ & GNZx2 requires:
- GNZ & GNZx2 applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
- GNZ & GNZx2 communicates in English: all GNZ personnel must Read, Write, Speak and Understand English
- 1000 battle minimum
- At least 1 Tier 6 vehicle.
- Active in-game four of seven days (minimum one hour per day) per week.
- GNZ & GNZx2 personnel must check the GNZ website at least once a week for messages, important clan news and events.
- GNZ & GNZx2 applicants will work with a Junior Officer (JO) upon Recruit status. The JO will evaluate the Applicant and their account, suggest ways and means to achieve Member status. (XO and JO list can be found here. Please find one once accepted for any help you need getting set up.)
- GNZ & GNZx2 applicant must have "Discord" installed (see link at bottom of page for instructions) and the ability to hear. (having a working microphone is also beneficial)

GNZ Bylaws can be found HERE.

Interested in joining Gunz of Anarchy? Please Fill out an Application.
Apply Here

Communications is key!
Our clans use Discord as our form of communication.

SETUP: Discord
- Visit
- Click access via browser first
- Create a name Please try and use your in game name
- It will now ask for an invite code - ask anyone in game that is on discord to send you the invite code.
- After you are in please change you display name to show your in game name Followed by an exclamation mark in brackets. Example: My_name (!)
- After you are in via browser you can download the desktop app and mobile app if you choose.

Last update - 10 Nov. 2016